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I'm TOO SCARED to ever play Dad n' Me again!

Posted by Eric-McTrainshit - July 16th, 2011

I'm always updating this, so check back often!

I'm always updating this, so check back often!

I was playing http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
and everything seemed normal and fine at first, but when I got to the character named "BEN", that's when things went wrong! I grabbed Ben to blissfully maul him as usual ,but instead, the joyful music ceased playing and I was warped to a location seemingly similar to the Almond Hands park that starts off the game.

This place was different though, the sky was red and evil, there was a little kiddie pool and everything was fenced off with a privacy fence. Similar to a modern suburban backyard.
This was creepy enough, but that was the least creepy thing to happen! I was about to drop Ben and explore this oddity, when suddenly, my character turned into "HIM"... THE ELEGY STATUE FROM MAJORA'S MASK! As this happened, the elegy statue gained full control over the game and it wasn't me playing anymore.

The demented actions I watched him do were simply awful! That little bastard started wailing on Ben and he was responding in ways that don't even exist in the game. His animation was totally fucked up, yet they looked as if they were intended. He started struggling to get away from the imp as he screamed in a dreadful way while blood was oozing out his mouth. The statues grip simply tightened and any hope of Ben escaping was lost. Then suddenly, the elegy statue started slamming Ben and the hard packed ground. Everytime Ben slammed to the ground, you could hear the crunch of bones and see the torment he was experiencing, though his screams were reduced to a mere gurgling sound by this point. When Ben seemed to be on his last breath of life, the elegy statue placed Ben into the tiny kiddie pool with ease as if it were his casket, where he hopelessly drowned. Aimlessly, I attempted to control the game and noticed that any form of input on my computer were mysteriously disabled and all I could do is watch the Elegy of Emptiness statue blankly gaze at the dead Ben.

I realized this must be a result of attempting to download the streaming videos from that stupid Ben creepypasta. They failed to properly download everytime, but this must be related. This make me believe that the stupid creepypasta may actually have many truths.

Since I was lacking any form of input on that PC, taking a snapshot was out of the question, and even more strangely, my PC shutdown due to an overheating cpu despite the fact that it's liquid cooled and the pump was working fine.

I DREW THIS IMAGE in an attempt to recreate the horrors that I've witnessed.

Believe me! Spread the words so I could know what this means. Warn everybody!

There's a better link to the image here.

Entry 2
I just sent Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin a message a few minutes ago.
geterkikzkid Said:Hey, did you place demented material into Dad n' Me, recently?
and surprising I received a response when my message page finished loading. Wich is just enough time for a another message to be written due to my slow internet connection.
It was from Tom and said:
TomFulp Said:"Maybe. Did it scare you that much?".

geterkikzkid Said:did what scare me that much?

I am now waiting for a reply from Tom and am still waiting for the response from Dan.

Entry 3:
I finally got a response from Tom! IT'S VERY DISTURBING!
TomFulp Said:
The incident with Ben. It must have you so scared that fecal matter is constantly in your pants since it happened.

I'm outraged! So I sent a response:
geterkikzkid Said: What the fuck?! So you do know! Why the fuck did you fuck up my favorite flash game, Tom? I assume Dan must have had a part in this because those fucked up sequences really did match his style!

Entry 4:

Something's up. I keep getting rapid responses from Tom and they are making me suspicious.
TomFulp Said:
Of course Dan was in on it, everybody on NG is. It's the same force that drives us all, and soon it will for you, too.

And I got a message from Dan at about the same time, which is a very weird time for anybody to reply. Especially These guys since they lead a busy life.

DanPaladin Said: Dad N Me hasn't been updated for many years. Was it a sort of glitch that you seen? What did you experience?

So I sent Dan a very vague response linking to this blog.

geterkikzkid Said: This was no glitch, it was clearly intentional shit to keep me up all night, wasn't it? You obviously know that you drew new content for this!

Similar to Tom, I am now receiving somewhat quick responses from Dan. He said:
DanPaladin Said: I ensure you that Tom nor I have even touched the source to that flash in years, let alone, update it. That is a lame hoax that you are trying to pull, though.

So I sent a reply to Tom it said,
geterkikzkid Said: I told Dan everything and he claims he knows nothing about this bullshit that you did! Check my PM's.

Another quick reply from Tom.
TomFulp Said:You shouldn't have done that.

So I sent a response saying how stupid this joke is.
geterkikzkid Said: This is lame, why would you go out of your way to vandalize your masterpiece?

No response yet.

Entry 5
OH NO! I don't think somebody's just playing pranks on me! I was watching my favorite episode of Looney Toons, titled The 14 Carrot Rabbit on TV, but it didn't play right. At the part where Sam was playing Blackjack with Bugs, Bugs was supposed to have a 21 of spades card. Instead he formed a curly grin on his face and told Sam, "Your not getting my gold". Sam replied, "Why not you cheatin' rabbit?! I won!". Bugs lifted his head and said, "'Cause I'm gonna murder you, you fucking bastard!". I cold tell Sam's blood went cold, because I felt the same way. Suddenly, Bugs got up out of his chair and pointed a 45 revolver at Sam's head and coldly whispered, "You shouldn't have done that" as he pulled the trigger blowing Sam's head apart. Sam's bloody corpse still had the terrified look on what was left of his face, and the catoon paused. My room was silent, only having an akward silence only occupied by the buzzing of my televisions CRT. The camera panned in on Sam closer and closer until the screen was nothing but black. Then my N64 powered on overriding channel3 due to the RF Switch. Then I saw nothing but a closeup of the elegy statue's face. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I don't want to turn it off, but I can't bear to look at it any longer!

Entry 6: The strangest thing just happened. I was sleeping having dreams about the elegy statue, when I was awoken by a faint knock on my door. It was very strange because I was sleeping heavily. Even more strange was the person that was knocking on my door was an elderly man that I do not know and how he just disappeared. Anyway, the old guy was knocking on my door so I answered it.
Before he even said anything he just walked into my house turned off my N64 as he walked by it and approached my computer . I was about to blow his brains out, but he said something too strange for just any punk trespasser. What he said may alarm you, he said "Play the game." I was shocked! He kept standing there with a familiar look on his face, just gawking at me until I did something. So I did what he said to do. I logged onto my computer and played Dad n' me again. It was weird this time, there was no npcs. Not until... I got to Ben. But it wasn't Ben, that damn elegy statue was in his place. I just froze, gaping at the screen. I couldn't move Rage, he just stood there, as if he's seen a ghost. (You could say he did) He just stood there, his face becoming more depressed and sickly looking, until he did his normal explosion upon death animation. It didn't go to the typical game over screen, though. It was a black screen that read, "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?". Then suddenly the elegy statue appeared and a loud shriek played. It didn't sound like it came from the speakers, though.
I turned around to check on the oldman, and he wasn't there. I looked around the house and on the unpaved roads in front of my house. He was no-where. I highly doubt he ran into the woods, he didn't have enough time to and if he did I would've seen him, or at least heard him for sure. I just got back from looking and I still feel "dead tired". I gotta go to bed before I lose any more of my mind.

Enrty 7: Ugh, I haven't been able to sleep for hours. I've haven't felt anything but fear and nauseousness since the last update. I wasn't able to get any sleep. I thought a session of meditation might ease my weariness and help me regain strength if I couldn't relax, that and a Harcos Lab's Mana Energy Potion should do the trick. I began with an advanced level of Alternate Nasal breathing to prime my brain and oxygen 'n' all that crap, it went okay, I guess. Then I started to metatate for half an hour and it was awful! I had the spins the whole time and all I could see is that fucking statue and... THE HAPPY MASK MAN! I wasn't able to keep my eyes shut because of how awuful I felt. I opened my eyes and as I hurled I seen the old man gazing through my window, but when I raised my head, he was gone just as fast as the first time. Then I laid on the floor for hours, hoping to feel less sickly. I ran the situation through my mind as I was laying on the floor for those many hours. Now I remember who that creepy olg man reminded me of. He's facial expression reminded me of the happy mask man. I'm sure of it! I was going to play Majora's Mask to make sure, as I have gained a little strength since I collapsed and I noticed that My copy of Majora's Mask: Collectors edition that I had in my N64 has vanished. That crazy old guy must have stolen it! Why would he do that? I still feel awful, I think I should get somethin' to eat, though nothin' shounds apitizing and don't have much in the cupbord. Maybe I'll go outside and get my chicken's eggs or look for some berries. I don't care if it's midnight. I'll keep you guys updated.

I'm TOO SCARED to ever play Dad n' Me again!

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I'll believe it when Rainbow Dash gives me a Flight ride.

Tom sent me a PM saying that you're in on it, too!

I don't believe him, though. See the edited page to read it.