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Did you animate this with a camera?

mah mother in lar is a scopiahn


I really do enjoy the plot and characters and the design of the characters, but some things seem a little…


The stiff animation, default fonts and gaps between dialogue are just too similar to the "Law For Kids" flash animations or something like that.

I mean, I'll go easy on it, considering that it's a pilot, but it can use a little polish in some areas and more in others, but once that happens and the characters are fully developed and all that jazz, it'd probably be pretty fuckin' baddass. Like, what I imagine this becoming something I'd look forward to keeping up with.

All it really needs is:
-more lively voice acting (Which it's really almost there)
-More animation and smoother movements and maybe a little more detail (Like hand drawn lettering in the background
-More audio. (Music, sound effects, ambiance, whatever)

Well, it basically just needs to be more lively and express the emotions of the characters better than it does in this pre-pilot thingie.

Rating this at 3.5 because of the fuckload of potential.

ECCBProductions responds:

Hey thank you! That was an honest review! Yea it is the pilot and as time goes on the character "data base" for hand movements and the things you listed will grow. I am currently the only animator for this series, so its very much a big work load. As for the fonts, I will take note of that! I created the font for the Show Title (the eyes moving and stuff) but I see what your saying as for the fonts "in the actual show" like on the buildings. However, I did create the Cob Web Bar and Grille font myself. I have been working day and night to get better with my "movements regarding the characters and I have better getting better and better each time I open the software! .... Thank you for your review! I am glad you see this having a ton of potential, the cast thinks so to! We are excited to have this up and running full speed! Thank You!

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It recognizes zero packages whenever I manage to deliver three.

The gameplay is alright and unique, but this game does have some issues that cause me to not really be interested in playing it any further than I did.

I started playing without really really reading the directions and I was under the impression that I was supposed to be chasing the blue thing. Damn... I made myself feel like a dumb cat being teased with a laser pointer. :P I can be such a dumbass...

Anyway, the graphics and soundtrack were pretty sweet on this game, it almost made me feel like I was playing a game similar to Little Red Hood on the NES, but likely better. I'll have to check this one out again and see if I can do better with a few more attempts!

That's actually pretty challenging for me.
Then again, I've hardly been visiting Newgrounds these recent years like a dumbass noob.

Anyway, the art, coding and music are badass. I do have to say it is pretty boring, though.

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Superb Remix!

Wow! It's rare to come by remixes of this song, which is ironically one of the best VG tracks of all time. Thanks for makin' a kickass remix, man!

It has a whole new feel and makes me want to dance more than the original did!

I Nosepass's dance was cool and fitting on the original XD Miror B theme, I wonder what it'd be like on this fast-paced mix...

BTW, This is lacking reviews. Why?! It deserves more attention!

KatzuyaSagara responds:

Y-You Think so?!
Thanks!!! I don't know how to advertise myself...maybe that's the reason xD
Take Care man =)

Just Brilliant!!!!

Best recomp I've heard in ages!


I can use this for something.

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I could immediately recognize the combined characters before even reading the description. That's cool.

It looks good and is an amusing concept that I'd be interested in seeing as an animation.

blackduckie responds:

haha. the salad fingers similarity is something I only really noticed after drawing it, as it's based off the avatar of a member of the (long dead) theswain.com forums. he did start his own website at some point which is still up I think, you can see a few other members' interpretations there.

Damn, I don't have much to say about this flawless piece, but what I can say is that it covers the episode of DHMIS that I can't decide if it's my favorite over DHMIS3.

Seriously, though. Everything is so clean and perfect and I really feel that this should be available as an official poster on Becky&Joe's site, but preferably without the dialogue bubble. It would be so much better than that totally uninteresting one they have available.

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G3no responds:

mega kind words

Stunning and Scary!

Bart really knows that he's gonna die this time. I can see it in his eyes. He might not be killed if Homer dies first from a heart attack during the chase, though.

I love this drawing and added it to my favorites! Also, good fan-art of The SImpsons is a very rare thing. It's pretty rare to see even good Simpsons art on the Art portal.

I did have to take off a star, the yellows weren't kept in the lines. Also, on Bart's left hand (Our right) he has some blank spots.

I'm the jackass of all trades.

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