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Shit keeps getting more demented. I can't bear it!

Posted by Eric-McTrainshit - July 17th, 2011

Some more creepy events have occurred since the crap that happened in my last news Entry.
Playing DAD N' ME while it was possessed wasn't the worst thing to happen.

I'm always updating this, so check back often!

Entry 8: It's midnight, there's no moon out and I Just got back from outside, I'm still a little shooken up. I brought a maglight so I could see and a 50 caliber rifled muzzleloader loaded with 250 milligrams of powder and a hollow tip bullet, equipped with a bayonet and scope in case any shit went down between me and a beast. I was looking around for anything suspicious and some food. I was on the road in front of my house, looking for berries and the old guy. He has to be around, he didn't have a car and I don't have any neighbors for miles, so his only option is to stay in my woods. Presumably. I never found him. I was too freaked out when I heard something approaching. There was grass and twigs crunching under footstep. Usually armadillos sound big and intimidating. This was surely something of great mass, and it wasn't something stealthy like a panther. I still don't know what it was. I shined my light in it's direction and readied my gun and it stopped and I froze. There was a small glossy glitter speckled object of an amber color, in the exact position of the sounds origins. It was my missing Majora's Mask cart! It must've been the sneaky little old guy that I heard, and I dropped my game. Strangely, I heard an earpiecring, bloodcurdling shriek of a woman. I don't know what that was about. I think the old guy dropped it on purpose, because when I got back a few minutes ago, I noticed "Majora" was crudely scratched on the back. I'm going to ignore it for now and upload this. I found some hearts in my refrigerator that I'm eating. So at least I actually have something to eat, good tasting and filling, too.
So I should feel a little better in a few minutes, because I already am. After I finish eating this heart, I'll relax for a few minutes and look further into Majora.

Entry 9: OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT! I dont know what i did!!!1 I just killed that oldman! Firefox was minimized and I didn't want it to be, so I restored it. Instead of my deviation being on this page, it was Dad n' Me instead. Without thinking, I was drawn to push play, when I did, it played the shriek that I heard outside! Then the opening cutscene was different, it was an awkward silence and it was a different city. The characters faces were wrong, too!!!! They had nasty grins that just kept curling more and more. Then I felt a presence behind me as I watched this. I quickly swung around it my rickity office chair and the old man was there. HE WAS POINTING MY OWN GUN TOWARDS ME AT POINT BLANK RANGE! He looked just like a character that I seen. Before he could fire, I disarmed him and plunged his throat with the bayonet and fired a massive bullet into his face! It was burned from the excessive powder and there were brains everywhere. I was going to inform the police about the incident, but The explosion of the gun woke up Josh. Before I could calm him down, he started grinding the old geezer into hamburger meat, out of panic. I was looking through his wallet and there was no ID. But he did have an old CPR Card. most of it was worn, but as far as I can tell, HIS NAME IS BENJAMIN.

Entry 10: Upon investigating the old man's card, I confirmed that His name is infact Benjamin. I looked up his name and it turns out that he's not too old, after all. In fact, he might be dead. At least, there was a guy with a similar name and information as him, that is dead. He'd be older now, but he died in an accident related to drowning when he was about 19 years old.

ENTRY 11: WHAT THE HELL! HIS CORPSE IS BACK! I heard Josh scream outside, so I ran out to see what it was. I nearly puked. The pulpy remains of Old Man Ben were the contents of an old kiddie pool that I have outside. It hasn't disappeared neither. It's nearly 2 o'clock and I have to dispose of it soon!

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