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It still has me returning every once in awhile to watch this, so it must have done something right!

Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking. He got crushed by a turtle.

Did you animate this with a camera?

mah mother in lar is a scopiahn


I really do enjoy the plot and characters and the design of the characters, but some things seem a little…


The stiff animation, default fonts and gaps between dialogue are just too similar to the "Law For Kids" flash animations or something like that.

I mean, I'll go easy on it, considering that it's a pilot, but it can use a little polish in some areas and more in others, but once that happens and the characters are fully developed and all that jazz, it'd probably be pretty fuckin' baddass. Like, what I imagine this becoming something I'd look forward to keeping up with.

All it really needs is:
-more lively voice acting (Which it's really almost there)
-More animation and smoother movements and maybe a little more detail (Like hand drawn lettering in the background
-More audio. (Music, sound effects, ambiance, whatever)

Well, it basically just needs to be more lively and express the emotions of the characters better than it does in this pre-pilot thingie.

Rating this at 3.5 because of the fuckload of potential.

ECCBProductions responds:

Hey thank you! That was an honest review! Yea it is the pilot and as time goes on the character "data base" for hand movements and the things you listed will grow. I am currently the only animator for this series, so its very much a big work load. As for the fonts, I will take note of that! I created the font for the Show Title (the eyes moving and stuff) but I see what your saying as for the fonts "in the actual show" like on the buildings. However, I did create the Cob Web Bar and Grille font myself. I have been working day and night to get better with my "movements regarding the characters and I have better getting better and better each time I open the software! .... Thank you for your review! I am glad you see this having a ton of potential, the cast thinks so to! We are excited to have this up and running full speed! Thank You!

Oh man. My favorite part had to be censored out?
Now this is absolute garbage.
Oh well.

DylanMann responds:


This looks like something that I wouldn't mind watching on Adult Swim or some shit like that. I look forward to more of this fucked up derpery.

Wofflestudio responds:


If I could, I'd grind this shit down and huff the fuck out of it, faggot.

Sweet. Everything was sweet!

Wait, Didn't BP mean Buddy and Pivots before? What's it mean now? Berry and Pepper? :P

Whatever. This new reboot seems like a series I'd totally keep up with.

The audio was pretty lacking, but the animation was decent and the unexpected ending is what made this! Pretty awesome!

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