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It recognizes zero packages whenever I manage to deliver three.

The gameplay is alright and unique, but this game does have some issues that cause me to not really be interested in playing it any further than I did.

I started playing without really really reading the directions and I was under the impression that I was supposed to be chasing the blue thing. Damn... I made myself feel like a dumb cat being teased with a laser pointer. :P I can be such a dumbass...

Anyway, the graphics and soundtrack were pretty sweet on this game, it almost made me feel like I was playing a game similar to Little Red Hood on the NES, but likely better. I'll have to check this one out again and see if I can do better with a few more attempts!

That's actually pretty challenging for me.
Then again, I've hardly been visiting Newgrounds these recent years like a dumbass noob.

Anyway, the art, coding and music are badass. I do have to say it is pretty boring, though.


The this flash had a feeling very similar feeling to "Club a Seal", but with less interactions.

The soundtrack somehow fit too. I don't understand why, maybe there's some mysterious link betwixt the mellowness of the song and apples.

Good work, though.
I am honest when I say it feels like club a seal. It somehow delivered the feeling I received from club a seal the first time I played that.

great game.

This was a great game.
It had familiar gameplay but nice graphics and awesome coding.

I find the title misleading. It made me think of "The Forest Temple" from The Legend of Zelda series.

100th Review!

Good gameplay.

It's nice that there was actual gameplay integrated into this!

Usually when I see people upload a physics game, it's usually just a sandbox toy demonstrating some unique set of code without any sort of goal.

I like how clever this game is.

That was quite creative.

It was a creative puzzle. It wasn't enough of a challenge though.

Nice Coding, Nice graphics, nice puzzle, no faults detected.
Great work!

Hint/spoiler ALERT!!!:
If you're too thick headed to figure it out. I'll post my answer for you.
(Based on battleship style grid)--------------------------------

I don't know if I really enjoyed it...

The fact that you played as Sonic just seemed pointless to me. It may have been more appealing if you played as someone else (Maybe an original character)

Not being able to do Sonic moves (Such as spinning) is much like playing as Mario but not being able to jump.

However it is a good game with some nice coding.


I admire that the description is correct.

However The game is not just boring, IT'S POINTLESS.

Oh well, it entertained me enough to write a review.

NOTE: "Losses" was misspelled. You wrote "Loses" as in the present tense for "Lose" not "Loss"

Warll responds:

Thank you for that, I've corrected it in the source.


This is quite an accurate spoof.

Allot of the jokes cracked me up and remind me of real situations.
Great Coding, Great graphics, GREAT WORK.

Sorry, I think this flash is worthy of a better review than mine.

Archawn responds:

It's alright, I'm just glad you enjoyed it!

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